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Abstract Watercolours

Virginia Ward produces abstract watercolours, mainly from her travels in Australia.From the Kimberley to the South Coast, they were exhibited in 2008 at Old Street Gallery, Fremantle.

Art With Meaning

This thesis grounds the Art With Meanings body of work in a broad artistic and philosophical lineage.

At each stage, the body of work reflects artistic movements: In the gleaning of artworks from charity shops, there is a reassessment of the discarded; the collection of signage and symbolism is both a reflection on artistic and cultural roots; the physical intervention with the artworks might be seen in the context of the Modernists and the Dadaists; there is the second moment of poesis; the artworks are provided with a new, often political meaning, reflecting on the work and commentary of generations of philosophers and artists.

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To see this in context, it is necessary to understand the concepts of Modern art, and specific movements such as Avant-garde, Dadaists, Pop Art and Postmodernism and Interventionist art. This thesis looks specifically at seven relevant and pivotal art periods.

This gives a deeper historical perspective; as an example, from the sgraffito technique of the Ancient Greeks to contemporary street art, or vandalism. The collection of text and images can be sign in this context, also; what differentiates art from any other sign?

This thesis also specifically considers the interaction between image and meaning, and image and text, in creative and historical perspectives.

To canvas all these aspects, this document grounds them in both an anthropological and philosophical history and looks at the recent philosophical foundations of the contemporary art debate.

A central concept of the body of work is the recognition and discussion of two moments of poesis, or creation, in the original artwork, and the revaluing of that artwork through intervention. That physical intervention with the artworks might be seen in the context of the Modernists and the Dadaists.

All aspects are related back to the Art With Meanings body of work, and to my 30-year art practice.

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Not Instruments

Working with the offcuts of luthier Scott Wise, Virginia Ward produces a series of Not Instruments.
The two combined in an exhibition at Margaret River Arts, Western Australia, which opened on December 28, 2008.

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Sculpture by the Sea

Virginia Ward took part in Sculpture by the Sea, exhibiting at Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia. The piece, Hoop and Rod, was cast in aluminium, and, importantly, also represents the 1 and 0 or binary language.

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Sydney Biennale

Virginia Ward was invited to take part in the Sydney Biennale, exhibiting in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney. The site she was allocated was also the site of the first farm in Australia, and she produced a thoughtful piece, echoing a herd and crops.

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War Toys

War Toys, A World Series, was produced when Virginia Ward was working in London with Antony Gormley. Produced in lead, the set of wheeled countries is now owned and displayed by the Art Gallery of Western Australia.